MCG Seed list 2022

The Melbourne Clivia Group is pleased to announce the release of the MCG Seed list for 2022.

This is our second seed list and for the first time, we will be opening the seed list to the public.

Members selection: 9th May to 31st May

Public offering: 6th June – 15th July

Please read the Seed list Terms and Conditions.

  • The seed list is available to financial members of the Melbourne Clivia Group only from 9 May until 31 May 2022. From 6 June 2022 the seed list is open to the public and will be closed on 15 July.
  • Availability of seeds is on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • Please indicate number of packets you wish to order. Initially the limit will be one pack per cross per order. After orders are received, surplus seed will be allocated to those that ordered more. You will be notified if seed is not available.
  • To place your order, email the order to, hand in at a meeting or post to the address above.
  • An invoice will be sent to you including any postage charges if applicable. Postage is a flat charge for small parcel $9.30 Australia-wide.
  • Any posted seeds will have a tracking number.
  • Seed will be distributed at the August meeting or by Australia Post if buyer or seller cannot attend meetings.
  • Payment may be made by bank transfer, cheque or cash at a meeting.
  • Orders must be paid in full or cheque cleared, before seed is distributed.
  • Any order not paid in full when seeds are harvested and ready will be cancelled and the seed allocated to the next order in line.
  • Please contact the secretary with any questions relating to the seed crosses and your query will be passed along to the seller.
  • Melbourne Clivia Group takes no responsibility for the quality of the seed, or the accuracy of the crosses.
  • Please note that seed will only be posted within Australia.

< Download the MCG Seed list 2022 > (PDF, 5Mb)

< Download the MCG Seed list 2022 order form (PDF, 206Kb)

< Download the MCG Seed list 2022 order form as a Word document (DOCX, 63Kb)